"Transformation in your sleep."

Sound crazy? Not at all.


There is a window of time when you are most open to transformation. Your REM sleep stage – is what we call the Moonlight Manifestation Window.

When you drift off to sleep with our unique audios, you will reach the delta dominant brainwave frequency - the hypnotic language that rewires your brain.

After a difficult day, all you want to do is leave the day behind. You can't wait to hit the sack! You turn on the tracks, lie on your bed, and slowly drift off to a beautiful state.

When you wake up the next morning, you are refreshed, revitalised… transformed. But how?

What is behind Moonlight Manifestation ?

There are 32 unique frequency layers, but here is the secret behind Moonlight Manifestations power!

The Deep Sleep Layer

This frequency will relax you so that you sink into your bed. As your muscles lose their tension and sink into the bed, your mind stops its chatter, and you are left feeling wonderfully calm and peaceful.

The Storybook Scripting Layer

Why do we call this Storybook Scripting? It is the secret language to change your core beliefs. You are probably not aware of your negative core beliefs. But if you tune in carefully, your core beliefs show up in your words and actions.

Here is an example. Do you despise people who have abundance? Why? What justifies your hate? There are many more core beliefs that determine our thoughts and actions. And those thoughts and actions lead to negative feelings, which ultimately affect our vibrations and energies. This is where we unconsciously build up our blocks… It is like a brick wall against the abundance, magic, and freedom we all have a right to.

The Manifestation Acceleration Layer

This Quantum Field Energetic sound does precisely what the title states. It accelerates, solidifies your deep desires, and brings forth your manifestation at lightning speed.

If you haven't tried Moonlight Manifestation yet, try it now.

And claim your right to abundance.


Short answer... you’ ll notice shifts literally overnight.

By tapping into the Moonlight Manifestation Window..

It’s like you’re experiencing months, years, even DECADES of transformation...

In one night.

During your sleep, the conscious or “Ego mind” flips off...

And the window into your subconscious mind spirals wide-open.

No more interference. No more “inner critic.”

Vibrational Layering CLEARS unwanted blockages that have been holding you back...

Things like negative emotions... fear, anxiety, worry...

And all of your manifestation blocks.

You’ll TRUST the Universe more deeply...

You’ll let go of attachments and expectations...

You’ll finally set your manifestations into motion with NOTHING holding you back.

Then... once the blocks are gone--all your positive intentions for your life are “scripted” into your subconscious mind.

Imagine... transforming what might have taken you 10 years to shift with personal growth methods...


I invite you to take advantage of the Moonlight Manifestation Window starting tonight.

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The Moonlight Manifestation program allows you to tap into the powerful 2 A.M. manifestation portal...

A magical time when your Ego is turned off... and your subconscious is wide-open.

Many spend decades with meditation to reach the state.

Others fly off to the Amazon Jungle for a brief glimpse of this experience... using sacred plant medicines.

Now though... you can reach this altered transformation state every single night.

It’s safe... it’s fun... and it’s extremely FAST.

Anybody can do this.

Whenever I share it with others, they always experience phenomenal results.

While other programs work with the conscious mind turned on...

They always run into resistance.

With Moonlight Manifestation... all the resistance is gone.

All the obstacles that have held you back in the past disappear.

You’re by-passing the thinking mind.

That’s how I know with 100% confidence Moonlight Manifestation WILL work for you like it has for so many others.

YES... absolutely.

When the global crisis hit and millions were either laid off, had their hours cut, or were forced to go to a job they hated...

I decided to switch gears.

I re-designed the program to focus on helping people BOUNCE BACK even BETTER than before.

The main two tracks... “Abundance Rising” and “The Divine Block Dissolver” are all you need to blast past your old financial set point...

And start manifesting more income into your life.

Plus, you’re also receiving DOZENS more sound journey’s that help you expand and grow your income even more.

Maybe the most powerful is the “Soul’s True Purpose Akashic Journey.”

Just listen before bed or as you’re going to sleep...

And you’ll harness the Moonlight Manifestation Window to tap into your soul’s wisdom to discover...

Your MISSION or PURPOSE for why you incarnated here on earth.

When I used this method for the first time, it was a HUGE eye-opener. It changed the course of my entire life.

It’s what led me here today.

I have no doubt you’ll have the same kind of realization about your life’s purpose too.

Simply tap below to be whisked away into the members area.

You can experience it all starting tonight!

And remember... it’s 100% risk-free for 60-days with my money-back guarantee.

So, you have a full two months to give all of the Sound Journey’s a try!

The two main income manifesting Sound Journey’s... Abundance Rising and The Divine Block Dissolver will work on your very first night.

So, you’ll start seeing and feeling results RIGHT AWAY.

The Abundance Rising track is where you’ll set your “magic number”... the dream income you want to manifest.

Listen once your first night.

Then, listen to The Divine Block Dissolver nightly for your first month.

Each night you’ll clear all blocks in the way of manifesting your magic number, one-by-one.

Each of the other Sound Journey’s are optional based on what you feel drawn to.

Because all of the Sound Journey’s use Vibrational Layering technology, you’ll receive BIG transformation... overnight.

What would have normally taken you 10 years to shift... transforms in hours!

I’m so excited to have you with us. I invite you to tap the button below.


When you get started, I’m also including a quick-start guide.

It’s chock-full of tips and tricks to get the most from Moonlight Manifestation.

You really can experience your first big shift starting tonight.

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